What you eat matters, because everything that you consume becomes a part of you.

Food is more than energy and nutrients.

Food either helps to keep you alive and healthy, or it can take away from your health.

Did you know that an adult body is made up of roughly 50 trillio...

Pikelets seem to be a favourite in my house at the moment. Little miss is loving them for breakfast and snacks as well! Plus, hubby is enjoying them too! They are super easy to whip up and are always sure to be a crowd pleaser. 

Traditional pikelets and pancakes co...

A little while back I posted a photo on Facebook of an easy weeknight meal that I had made. Zucchini, haloumi & pea fritters. 

What's to love about them? 

1. They taste great!

2. You are enjoying a cafe style meal at home and you know exactly what ingredients have been us...

If you've been contemplating making an appointment to see a Nutritionist, but aren't 100% sure you need to, have a read of my top 10 reasons.

There are many different things your Nutritionist can help you with, it's not just about meal plans and weight loss. It's so muc...

A little while ago I shared a wonderful discovery that was pulse pasta! Since then I have been eating it a few different ways, but I found one way that I couldn't wait to share with you all. This bake has so much goodness including veggies, protein & fibre. 


If you love dip but get frustrated with all the unnecessary ingredients in supermarket versions, then this recipe is just for you! There are no artificial ingredients and no hidden nasties that you could even add a dollop of this to your nourishment bowl at lunch every...

Chia seeds are an amazing source of essential fatty acids, making them a natural anti-inflammatory. Talk about using food as medicine!

Therapeutic doses of Omega 3 fatty acids have been shown to reduce inflammation in numerous diseases including cardiovascular disease...

Many people ask me which almond milk I use, so I decided to write a post about it! Almond milk is a great substitution for those who can't have dairy or soy. Many people have different preferences and checklists for almond milk, but for me its simple: I choose mine bas...

Winter is here and sometimes we just want something warm and comforting to eat! But we also want to avoid those nasty processed ingredients & refined sugars. 

My baked apple delights are perfectly paired with a cup of tea, while curled up on the couch with a blanket and...

A quick little post before I take time off for Christmas and New years! 

This quick and easy little green side dish is the perfect accompaniment to any Christmas roast.

It's Christmas time and I know everyone is eager to get the recipe for this dish (plus I'm pretty sure...

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