Choc - Mint Protein Balls

There are so many different protein ball recipes out there, but you have to try mine! They take less than 15 minutes to make and are a tasty nutritious snack for any occasion. I can guarantee that your whole family will love them. People often become nervous giving their children protein powder in recipes like this, but the truth is, kids need a higher amount of protein in the first 13 years of life as they are rapidly growing. However, it's extremely important to use a good quality plant based protein powder that doesn't have any artificial ingredients or fillers. Please read the ingredients on the back of your protein powder before you buy it as they are not aIl made equal. Things you don

Herb & Citrus Baked Chicken

This is a simple meal that can be thrown together in 10 minutes. Mid week meals can become very stressful. It's hard to be creative, nutritious and delicious all at once if you're time poor. Thank goodness for ovens! My oven is one of my favourite appliances in my kitchen. It's so easy to throw everything into one pan, set the timer and wait for it to cook. What I love about it: - It's simple - It eliminates the need to use processed/supermarket sauces - You can use any part of the chicken, I just used legs as that's what I had at the time - Its hearty - great for those cold winter evenings when you really don't feel like eating salads and you're over eating soup! - It's versatile - i served

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