National Nutrition Week

How did everyone go getting their 5 serves of vegetables each day during National Nutrition Week? It's surprisingly not as difficult as you think. My secret is to add things like chickpeas, legumes or lentils to a lot of my dishes to give it that extra bit of nutrition as well as another serve of vegetables. If we break it down into the meals of the day, it's pretty easy to get those 5 serves. Breakfast: 1/2 serve Lunch: 2 serves Dinner: 2 serves Snacks: 1/2 serve When you look at it that way, it seems so easy and that's because it is. I want to highlight the importance of eating 5 serves of vegetables each day. A diet that is high in vegetables can reduce the risk of developing chronic dise

Apple & Blueberry Cake

I've been experimenting with a few different recipes lately, trying to find something that is a quick and tasty breakfast for people on who don't leave themselves much time in the morning. If you're someone who struggles to be creative when it comes to nutritious breakfasts and snacking, then this recipe is for you! I love this recipe because it can be eaten for breakfast and taken to work or school as a snack. The kids will think this is a treat, but little do they know it is packed full of nutrients to provide them with energy all day long. What I love about it: - No refined carbohydrates, keeps you fuller for longer! - No artificial ingredients, unlike many store bought cakes - Full of an

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