Top 10 Reasons To See A Nutritionist

If you've been contemplating making an appointment to see a Nutritionist, but aren't 100% sure you need to, have a read of my top 10 reasons. There are many different things your Nutritionist can help you with, it's not just about meal plans and weight loss. It's so much more than that. I personally practice as a Holistic Nutritionist, meaning I look at the body as whole and take into consideration not only how your diet impacts your health, but also how each system in your body interacts. I also take lifestyle & environmental factors into consideration as well. If you feel as though you can resonate with one or more of these reasons, then you should seek the assistance of a Nutritionist, su

Pulse Pasta Bake

A little while ago I shared a wonderful discovery that was pulse pasta! Since then I have been eating it a few different ways, but I found one way that I couldn't wait to share with you all. This bake has so much goodness including veggies, protein & fibre. Unfortunately it's not a very photogenic meal, but I can assure you it tastes better than it looks. This bake is a mixture between a lasagne & pasta bake. It has not only a red bolognese sauce, but also béchamel. It's very filling and makes a large batch, hubby & I were eating this for 3 days. It's a super hearty meal and feels like a warm hug when you it eat :) There are a few steps, so I don't suggest making this at the last minute when

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